LXDWARE came about from my desire to create a web interface that is easy to setup and manage LXD instances. Spending 14 years teaching and deploying various virtualization technologies in the classroom, I continually looked for ways to streamline the process as well as reduce resources used by the virtual infrastructure. Eventually I came across LXD and was hooked, converting whatever I could to this platform. After making the switch I realized there needed to be a solution that would allow others to easily control and manage the LXD based infrastructure. I created a web-based dashboard to do just that…so begins LXDWARE.

– Matthew Penning


The focus of LXDWARE is creating a user interface based on the LXD virtual technology that provides an easy-to-use robust solution for managing LXD as an enterprise infrastructure platform.


The LXDWARE team is comprised of people interested in developing and improving the dashboard software. Interested software developers can fork the code on GitHub and make pull requests for improvements.


There are many virtualization technologies available today similar to LXD, each bringing their own unique take on virtualization or containerization. Using LXD, containers and virtual machines (both referred to as instances) can be managed from the same technology. LXD instances provide a virtual platform that closely resembles bare-metal operating systems, making it a great choice for building IT infrastructure.