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Version 2.2.0 Release

Version 2.2.0 continues adding configuration options using forms in the dashboard focusing this time on Storage Pools, Storage Volumes, and Projects. Added functionality for Network configurations in clustered LXD environments has also been added.

Storage Pools

A large set up configurations options have been added to the web form for creating new storage pools. Each type of storage pool (btrfs, ceph, cephfs, dir, lvm, and zfs) all have their own unique set of configuration properties that change when selecting the pool type. Support for storage pools on clustered LXD hosts has also been configured

Storage Volumes

When click on a storage pool, the default list of storage volumes is now filtered by default to show custom type storage volumes. There is a quick link to show all volumes types removing the filter. Configuration options for storage volumes has also been added to the web form when creating a new storage volume.


Support for creating projects using both the a web form or JSON has been added. The web form now includes a large set of configuration properties that allow for greater customization of projects. The list of projects also now includes whether the project features networks in addition to the existing featured options.


Support for creating networks in clustered LXD hosts has been added.

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