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Building your own Docker image for the LXD dashboard using source code

These instructions assume you already have docker installed on your computer. LXDWARE provides a Dockerfile in the source code of the LXD dashboard allowing you to easily build your own Docker image locally.

First download the source code. We will assume you already have git installed on your computer and will use git to download the source code. You can also download the source code directly from GitHub’s web interface. To download the source code use the following command:

$ git clone

Now change your directory to be located inside the lxd-dashboard folder. Use the command:

 $ cd lxd-dashboard

To build the docker image use the following command (don’t forget the period at the end):

$ docker build -t lxdware/dashboard:latest .

You can now use the docker run command to setup and start the docker container:

$ docker run -d --name lxd-dashboard -p 80:80 -v ~/lxdware:/var/lxdware --restart=always lxdware/dashboard:latest
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